An astonishing video of a train smashing into a stalled 18-wheeler tractor-trailer was shot by onlookers in the small town of Mer Rouge, Louisiana on Sunday afternoon.

The eighteen-wheeler carrying a crane bottomed out while crossing the tracks and became stranded, according to KNOE News. Driver Daniel Shackelford tried to free his truck, but couldn't get the rig moving in time. He escaped moments before the northbound train collided with the truck. Mer Rouge police chief Mitch Stephens told KNOE this isn't the first time a train has derail in town.

"We're pretty much known here for our train crashes," Stephens told KNOW. "I believe this will be the third of fourth one in the past two years."

The truck caused the train and sixteen to eighteen cars to derail. A locomotive on the other side of the tracks also derailed. The conductor and engineer were both injured in the crash and airlifted to local hospitals.

Residents living near the crash site were evacuated from their homes after the train began to leak argon gas. Hazmat teams cleaned up the wreck and people were allowed to return to their homes.

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