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NASCAR driver Joey Logano talks about the physical intensity of racing

Just 'cause he's sitting down doesn't make it easy

Joey Logano talks about preparing for NASCAR's physical demand

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Do training and maintenance cuts endanger troops?

Rash Of Deadly Helicopter Crashes Raising Questions

Three times as many servicemen were killed in helicopters in 2015 as in 2014, raising questions about the impact of cuts to maintenance and training budgets.

Train Collides With Stalled Semi Truck

Small Louisiana town has had several train crashes in the past few years

This astonishing video of a train smashing into a stalled 18-wheeler tractor-trailer was shot by onlookers in the small town of Mer Rouge, Louisiana on Sunday afternoon.

Motorcycle Safety Foundation graduates 6 millionth student

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation has just passed an amazing milestone by graduating its 6 millionth Rider Course student. MSF has been training safer riders since 1973 and currently boasts 10,000 coaches in over 2,000 locations. While probably best-known for its introductory motorcycle school, MSF also works in tandem with military, federal and state groups to train riders

Renault and Key Driving Competences to expand ecodriving training

Renault Environment is partnering with a Belgian driver training company to expand the availability of a program targeted at teaching ecodriving. Renault Environment is actually a wholly owned subsidiary of the automaker that focuses on helping other green businesses expand their reach.

Toyota risks weakening culture in expansion push

One issue Toyota Motor Corp. faces as the automaker continues its rapid growth is too few experienced management types, especially for its overseas operations. According to Reuters Business Channel, t