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  • Image Credit: Mercedes-Benz
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Now nine years since its introduction, the Bugatti Veyron has given rise to more special editions than it has cylinders and turbochargers combined. But while the Veyron may be nearing the end of its production run with barely a few dozen left to go – Grand Sport and Vitesse roadsters all – Bugatti isn't quite done with the special editions.

At Pebble Beach last year, the Alsatian marque revealed the teal Jean-Pierre Wimille edition, kicking off a series of six small-run specials called Les Légendes de Bugatti (which we'll assume we won't have to translate for you), each to be built in a batch of three and honoring influential figures from the company's past. The black Jean Bugatti edition was next to be unveiled in Frankfurt, the azure Meo Costatini edition in November, followed by the brown Rembrandt Bugatti edition at Geneva and the penultimate Black Bess in Beijing. We got word a few months ago that the last in the series would be unveiled at Pebble Beach this August, one year after the Wimille edition started it all, and here it appears to be.

Spotted driving near the Bugatti factory in Molsheim by supercar photographer Stephane Heiligenstein, this yellow and black Vitesse roadster appears to be the Elisabeth Junek edition we anticipated back in February before the Rembrandt edition bowed in Geneva. It pays tribute to a female Czech racing driver from the 1920s also known as Eliška Junková who diced it with the best gentleman racers of her day.

Her tribute roadster apparently carries a similar livery to that which Ettore's son Jean loved best and similar to past Veyron specials like the one unveiled at the Dubai Motor Show and the first of two commissioned by Hollywood clothier Bijan Pakzad. We'll have to wait until Monterey weekend next month to report to you the first official details, but regardless, we doubt Bugatti will have any trouble selling the three examples it will build just like the previous five series.

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