Production of the original Bugatti Veyron may have drawn to a close, but that doesn't mean the end of the Veyron altogether. Of the 150 examples of the Grand Sport earmarked for production, only 45 of them have been accounted for. That leaves another – carry the two, divide by the square-root of pi – 105 examples still available for order. And no two of them are likely to end up the same.

That's because Bugatti offers a nearly endless array of customization options both inside and out, the permutations of which could stand to overshadow even its seven-figure price tag. And so to demonstrate what can be done with a Veyron, Bugatti has brought three specially outfitted examples to no less fitting a location than the Dubai Motor Show.

The first example is the most garish, but combines founder Ettore Bugatti's favorite colors – black and yellow – with bright yellow bodywork contrasting with the exposed carbon fiber and black wheels. The second employs blue carbon fiber and anodized aluminum, and the third incorporates a newly developed weave of green carbon fiber along with polished aluminum. Each features matching wheels as well as an individually-tailored interior.

If you're not planning on hitting the Persian Gulf for the exposition, you can check 'em out in the high-res gallery above and the press release after the jump. And if you like what you see and manage to get to it before the oil-rich sheikhs do, you can place your order: 1.58 million euros (approximately $2.15M) will get you the bumblebee example, while the uniquely-tinted carbon examples are available at 1.74 million euros ($2.37M) per.
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Bugatti crowns the 2011 Dubai International Motor Show with three spectacular Middle East versions of the Grand Sport

Dubai, 10th November 2011 – At the Dubai International Motor Show the legendary French brand presents three very special models of the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport, which is the fastest, most powerful and exclusive open top car in the world. It is Bugatti's intention to honour the very important Middle East market with this threefold variety and to provide its highly exclusive clientele in the Middle East an insight into how creativity and inspiration can be successfully driven to individualised luxury.

The first Grand Sport on display at Dubai Motor Show has a horizontal colour split with a bright yellow body and a underside in visible black carbon, including black-tinted wheels. The striking contrast of black and yellow, Ettore Bugatti's favorite colours, is continued by seats finished in yellow-colored leather with black stitching. The middle console is in black carbon, while the dashboard, steering wheel and gearshift are encased in black leather with yellow stitching. This Grand Sport model comes at a price of 1.58 million euros.

The second individualized Grand Sport model is also presented in a two-tone horizontal colour split consisting of visible blue carbon, framed in polished, anodised aluminium. The rims are highlighted in an aluminium polished and Diamond Cut two-tone finish. The grills at the front and the air intakes are in aluminium with a mirror shine finish. The interior of this car is finished with tangerine leather throughout. Only the door panels, dashboard, steering wheel and console are covered in dark blue Indigo leather or exposed blue carbon fibre, with tangerine stitching on the steering wheel and gearshift knob. This special edition model has a price of 1.74 million euros.

The third Grand Sport comes in the newly developed green carbon fibre tone with polished aluminium. This special model takes up the traditional Bugatti two-tone-specification. The rims, the exterior rearview mirrors and even the EB-logo at the rear are of polished aluminium to create an elegant and harmonious overall appearance. The interior, especially and tastefully selected, is also dominated in green and silver which matches perfectly with the flamboyant exterior. The third "Dubai Motor Show 2011" special edition model will be delivered at a price of 1.74 million euros.

All these models fully stand in the tradition of Ettore Bugatti's constant strive to use new colour schemes and materials to provide his clientele with unique cars for its exclusive taste. Today Bugatti is still expanding the possibilities of options to offer more and more sophisticated individualisation.

In cooperation with the Bugatti design and engineering teams, Bugatti customers can tailor their vehicles to their personal preferences by choosing from a broad array of exquisite materials and colours. The three models in Dubai display an ever growing number of options available to existing and new Grand Sport owners.

Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S. has limited the Grand Sport to 150 units of which 45 have been sold and 105 slots are still open. The cars will be manufactured at the Bugatti factory in Molsheim, France.

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