Honda is still about a year away from bringing back the Civic Type R to challenge Europe's hot hatch ranks, but the wait isn't stopping the brand from starting its promotion in the UK with a truly strange ad campaign.

Titled R-Rated, the marketing plays with the idea of Honda's Type R badge not being something for every driver, and its 60-second short film Disruption definitely isn't for everyone. The teaser video is meant to personify the spirit of the hot Civic by combining aggressively weird imagery with a glimpse of the new model. It cycles through things like a pack of wolves, androgynous models, a lady with a samurai sword and a flaming speed camera before getting to what we all want to see – the car. It's a weird, by turns creepy, video that feels like it's trying to be outlandish without always showing there's much thought behind the madness.

Perhaps the most frightening thing about the Civic Type R is that there are still major doubts about whether its 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder with an estimated 280 horsepower will make it to North Ameircan showrooms. We understand the business case may be tough, especially when the CTR's hatchback bodystyle isn't sold in America at all, but we think Honda's North American showrooms could use a bit more performance edge, and an affordable halo car like the Type R could do just that.

Despite the R-Rated label on this video, there's nothing too unsafe for work here, unless your boss really frowns on the destruction of sculptures and general weirdness. Scroll down to watch the bizarre ad and read Honda's explanation for all the craziness.
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Honda (UK) has launched a new teaser campaign to introduce the forthcoming Civic Type R, as the anticipation continues to build ahead of the car's European launch in 2015. Dubbed by the design team as a 'racing car for the road', the new model promises to be the most extreme Type R yet, with bold and aggressive styling reflecting the strong performance characteristics for which the marque is renowned.

The campaign leads on the theme of 'R-rated', a reference to the experience the car will deliver and the strong heritage of the red 'R' badge; born from Honda's racing spirit and only ever appearing on a Type R. Viewers are advised to use their discretion when looking at this 'Honda restricted content' on YouTube.

The campaign kicks off with the sixty second film, 'Disruption'. We open on a sunny suburban street. A family is packing a picnic into the boot of their car. Everything is happy and jolly, including the music. It's the most generic car film you've ever seen. Suddenly, the picture distorts and pixelates and the Honda R-Rated advisory flickers up on screen, as though someone just hijacked the broadcast. We see the Honda R-rated advisory notice appear. The warning disappears into black.

The mood shifts and everything becomes R-rated. We see a man with the red 'R' in his left eye looking out with binoculars over a futuristic neon cityscape as storm clouds brew in the sky. Predator wolves linger in an abandoned warehouse, we see their evil bioluminescent eyes from a distance as a heavily tattooed man confronts them, full of rage. A second man wearing a geometric golden mask then walks down a fluorescent lit dark hallway, draws back a large hammer before slamming it into the bust of a Greek statue.

As we build to a climax a bolt of lightning strikes a speed camera, which bursts into flames. A woman in a motorcycle helmet slams a samurai sword into a spinning geometric shape in the middle of a dark room. Just before the blade hits, we see the 'R' image within the shape's surface. The shape shatters into a million pieces.

We end with the Type R looming against the backdrop of a dramatic sky, the car's red parking lights illuminated, giving it an ominous look. Lightning strikes, and we see an iconic outline and quick flash of the car before it returns to dark. The roar of the engine revving brings things fittingly to a close.

Olivia Dunn, Head of Marketing for Honda (UK) comments: "The new Type R promises to be the most extreme yet, it's born from racing and it pushes the boundaries. This new campaign encompasses this spirit perfectly, with Disruption the ideal curtain raiser in setting the energy and adrenaline levels very high."

Emily Samways, Business Director for Karmarama comments: "This new campaign is something of a diversion from Honda in tone, but that's what the Type R badge commands. Just the name of the launch film says it all about the impact this landmark car will have when it arrives early next year."

The key strapline of the campaign is 'We R Back', a nod to both the rebirth of the Type R and the huge 2015 which Honda is looking forward to with its return to Formula 1 and an all new version of the NSX supercar.

The new Honda Civic Type R will arrive in UK dealerships in 2015. The Type R Concept model makes its UK debut on the Honda stand at this year's Goodwood Festival of Speed, which runs from Thursday 26th to Sunday 29th June.

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