AeroVironment, Know What You Drive want to teach the masses about plugging in

If you're wondering how to get your non-green-car friends interested in plugging in their vehicles, why not appeal to them with cold hard cash? AeroVironment and KnowWhatYouDrive have teamed forces to create a short EV quiz, and there are coupon codes worth up to $100 for getting a charging station installed.

The quiz gets into the differences between the different kinds of electric vehicles (pure EVs, plug in hybrids and regular hybrids) as well as how charging systems work, using some simplified graphics and short bits of text. There are also some interesting tidbits, like the fact that it would take 3,800 iPhone batteries to equal the energy capacity of the battery in the Chevy Volt.

We assume regular AutoblogGreen readers will ace the test, which is part-joke anyway (seriously, one question is about Mickey Mouse and Justin Bieber) but the rewards might be worth it for anyone thinking of buying a TurboCord product ($25 off), an RS product ($50) or an installation package ($100). Read the press release below.
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AeroVironment is working with KnowWhatYouDrive on an initiative to help consumers learn about how electric vehicles and charging systems work.

• Free online course explains the differences between electric vehicles, types of charging
• Test your electric vehicle IQ and instantly earn $25, $50, or $100 coupon codes for an electric vehicle charging station and installation

AeroVironment, Inc. (NASDAQ: AVAV) is working with Saginaw, MI-based KnowWhatYouDrive on an initiative to help educate consumers about the functions and benefits of electric vehicles and electric vehicle charging. KnowWhatYouDrive has created a free online resource where visitors can learn about electric vehicles and test their knowledge against others, then earn up to $100 off an AeroVironment charging station installation after completing a simple, four-question survey about electric vehicles. The web address for this helpful new resource is

KnowWhatYouDrive founder and Michigan native Doug Taylor says the initiative tackles the daunting task of understanding electric vehicles for the everyday consumer. "There are more and more electric vehicles being produced by Ford, Nissan, Fiat and others, and they're here to stay," says Taylor. "We are excited to join forces with AeroVironment, an industry leader that is partnered with some of the best automakers in the world, in order to educate drivers and spread the word about the bright future of electric vehicles."

"Education is one of the key factors that will help speed EV adoption," said Wahid Nawabi, senior vice president and general manager of AeroVironment's Efficient Energy Systems business segment. "Knowing more about EVs and the right way to charge them can help drivers make better purchase decisions."

To learn more about electric vehicles and charging and to test your EV IQ, go to

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AeroVironment is a technology solutions provider that designs, develops, produces, operates and supports an advanced portfolio of electric transportation solutions and electric-powered Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). AeroVironment's comprehensive EV charging solutions include EV home charging, public charging, fast charging, data collection, grid-integrated communications and complete installation, training and support services for consumers, automakers, utilities, government agencies and businesses. AeroVironment's industrial electric vehicle charging systems support thousands of electric materials handling vehicles in mission-critical supply chains for Fortune 500 enterprises. AeroVironment's power cycling and test systems provide EV developers and EV battery manufacturers with market-leading simulation and cycling capabilities. Agencies of the U.S. Department of Defense and allied military services use the company's electric-powered, hand-launched unmanned aircraft systems to provide situational awareness to tactical operating units through real-time, airborne reconnaissance, surveillance and communication. More information is available at and

About is a free, educational online platform for consumers interested in saving on purchases related to electric vehicles. It presents the basic science about electric vehicles and tests visitors' knowledge through a fun and simple trivia challenge. Once visitors complete the challenge, they receive a unique discount code for a future purchase.

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