URB-e foldable trike is 'world's most compact electric vehicle'

How small can you go? We haven't measured all of the electric vehicles on the planet, but we suspect the claim by Urban Mobility that its Urb-e foldable electric ... um, seat? ... is the "world's most compact e-vehicle" is at least close to accurate. We haven't seen many other EVs that look like we could fit them into a big backpack.

The idea behind the Urb-e is to make it ridiculously easy to use batteries and wheels to help you get to work (and your gorilla/human lunch date, according to the video below). The Urb-e is a foldable three-wheeled aluminum device that gets small enough to take with you on public transport options, like the bus or train. It has a battery of unspecified size and an electric hub motor that can help it hit speeds of up to 15 miles per hour. The range is 20 miles, the company says, and the tiny trike can carry a piece of luggage in either rollerbag form or while you're riding it. It's more that just a fun idea, too. Company co-founder Mateo Neri told AutoblogGreen that Urban Mobility, has "a manufacturing partner ready to go in Pasadena, CA and very excited on getting these out."

How comfortable and practical the Urb-e is is something we're looking forward to investigating later. For now, we know that it's coming to Kickstarter in February and will be at CES next week.

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