Ice Cube, Kevin Hart and Conan O'Brien get into a stranger's car. This isn't a setup for a joke, it's the premise of a video from O'Brien's TV show, which sees the late-night host paired with comedian Hart and rapper-turned-actor Ice Cube to test out Lyft, an increasingly popular ride-sharing service. For those that have yet to experience it, Lyft basically allows drivers to use their personal cars as cabs, shuttling strangers to and from their destinations, but in a manner that is more relaxed and less formal than a traditional cab.

The driver arrives in a Kia Sportage with a pink mustache on the front (the visual trademark of any participating Lyft vehicle), and from there, hilarity ensues. The video is a bit long, at just under 10 minutes, but it had us laughing throughout. It may be slightly unsafe for work, simply due to a few bleeps and some of the jokes, but if you've got some time and need a laugh, this is a great way to spend your lunch break. Scroll down for the video.

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