November car sales numbers are trickling in today, and we have basically the same news to report about sales of the two longest-running plug-in vehicles this month as we did last month: people are buying the Nissan Leaf and the Chevy Volt at roughly the same rate.

For November, the Leaf managed to come out on top with 2,003 units sold. That compares to 2,002 in October (how's that for consistency?) and 1,539 in November 2012. Nissan says 2013 was the Leaf's best November ever and the month marks the fourth in a row where Atlanta has been the city that has sold the most Leafs. The Leaf is also Nissan's best-selling model in Atlanta and San Francisco. Erik Gottfried, Nissan's director of EV sales and marketing, said in a statement that Dallas and Chicago were two cities with growing Leaf markets.

Turning to the Volt, that plug-in hybrid sold 1,920 units last month, down a bit from the 2,022 Volts sold in October. In November 2012, 1,519 people bought Volts. Those 1,920 sales means that November 2013 was also the Volt's best November ever, indicating there might be something in the air as it turns cold this year. Last month's sales also put the year-to-date running totals even closer together. The Volt has so far sold 20,702 in 2013, while the Leaf has sold 20,080.

Stay tuned for our more detailed green car sales figures coming soon.

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