Aventador gets a split personality in Brooklyn

If you're going to drive a Lamborghini like it's meant to be driven, you'd better make sure there's nothing else around. New York City most definitely does not qualify, as the driver of this white Aventador discovered the hard way.

Caught in motion by two closed-circuit cameras in Mill Basin, this supercar may have been speeding down the road a bit too fast for the driver of a black sedan to see it. The sedan hangs a left right into the Lambo's path, clipping the nose on the sedan and sending the Aventador into the wall. Our take? Both drivers appear to be at fault.

As you can see from the video below and this image on Reddit, the Lambo split in two on impact, but the carbon-fiber monocoque passenger cell stayed intact. The result may look shocking, but no one was reported to be seriously hurt.

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