VW considering small commercial trucks for US [w/poll]

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Just a few years ago, nobody thought that small commercial vans would find much place in the US market. But Ford has turned that notion on its head with the Transit Connect, Nissan has joined in with its NV200 and others are apparently keen to follow.

The latest is Volkswagen, which according to Reuters, is considering bringing over some of its small commercial vehicles to the US – models like the company's Caddy range shown above. The newest Caddy shares a strong family resemblance with the rest of the VW lineup in America and would seem to fit right in at the company's dealerships. While admitting that such a scenario "certainly represent an opportunity," Volkswagen of America CEO Jonathan Browning stopped short of confirming plans sell the Caddy or any other commercial van or pickup in the US, saying only that "there are preliminary discussions but no definitive plans."

Of course, not everyone has fared well in America's nascent mini commercial market. Mini recently tried offering its (much smaller) Clubvan panel wagon in America, but withdrew the model from the US market after selling just 50 units.

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