At new vehicle first drives, there's a pretty set series of events before an automaker throws you the keys to their new baby. Predictably, there's a design presentation, a mechanical deep dive, and increasingly, an infotainment system walkthrough. Less known but just as common, however, are the marketing presentations, wherein execs talk about target customers and periodically show print and video 'creative' for their campaigns. Usually, we assembled media dutifully watch, nod and smile when shown commercials, but that's about it. Laugher – let alone universal gales of the stuff – is rare. But that's exactly what Fiat got when it showed us this not-yet-approved ad for its new 500L.

This minute-long Italian Invasion spot has gone on to hit television screens already, largely in a less-effective 30-second form, but we like this full-length director's cut best. It riffs off the historical vibe of some of Chrysler's best efforts over the last few years (the Dodge Challenger Freedom spot comes to mind) with a humorous and sexy play on the Paul Revere "The British Are Coming!" folk tale. If you haven't seen it already (it's just now going viral), scroll down to check it out. And if you already have, well, it's still worth a second look.

FIAT 500L Information


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