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Followup: Dodge FIFA World Cup ad forgets where the Challenger is built

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Is there anything more American than taking someone else's hard work and claiming it for our own? Probably not. Maybe it's some sort of collective synaptic impulses left over from our former masters in the empire or some sort of instinctive will to survive at all costs brought about by our ancestors being made to carve out a life on an uncivilized continent. Whatever the reason, it doesn't seem like the impulse will let up any time soon. The recent Chrysler recent Red, White, and Blue soaked World Cup ad is a perfect example. If you need a refresher, check it out after the jump.

In the midst of the patriotic daze brought about watching George Washington behind the wheel of Dodge Challenger, we failed to point out that Chrysler isn't exactly the most American car company at the moment. As Consumer Reports has noted, with Canada owning a full 10 percent of the company and Italian carmaker Fiat holding the reigns to another 20 percent, the company isn't as 'apple pie' as it would have buyers believe.

Then there's the annoying fact that the Challenger itself is built off of a modified Mercedes-Benz platform and constructed in Ontario, Canada. Of course, the same sort of criticism can be leveled at Chrysler's new Jeep Grand Cherokee ads, which, while built in the U.S., also rides on a Benz-derived platform and also shares Italian and Canadian ownership ties.

Still, none of these facts make these ads any less effective, just hypocritical in the most ironically patriotic fashion.

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[Source: Consumer Reports]

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