The Detroit News reports automakers are coming out in support of proposed free trade legislation between the US and the European Union. The Association of Global Automakers, representing major Asian manufacturers, says the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership will promote economic growth, increase jobs and make US and EU companies more competitive on the global market. The legislation will also open the door for EU and US regulators to agree on one standard for emissions, crash protection, child restraints, fuel systems and tire pressure monitors. If that happens, automakers could save millions of dollars by being able to build and sell one car for both markets.

Jaguar-Land Rover North America also stands behind that move, but would also like to see the US completely eliminate its current 2.5 percent tax on imported cars. The company isn't alone. Ferrari has also spoken up in favor of eliminating the tariff, and the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, comprised of Ford, General Motors, Chrysler, Volkswagen, Toyota and Daimler among others, also supports harmonizing regulations between both markets.

All told, the EU and the US make up 32 percent of global vehicle production and 35 percent of the total buyer market. The Detroit News reports the US exported some $8 billion in cars to Europe last year and another $5 billion in parts.

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