Russian dash cam catches horrific high-flying accident

You just never know what your dash cam is going to capture on an average day in Russia. Take these drivers, who were motoring along in the Russian city of Dyatkovo, minding their own business, when out of nowhere, an Opel Zafira took off like a 747 leaving LaGuardia.

Reports stemming from the incident claim that the driver lost control of his vehicle after its front-left tire blew. He then drove into oncoming traffic and crashed into a fence where the vehicle was launched high into the air, a rapidly escalating series of events caught on the video available below.

Unfortunately, we can't tell you that the driver miraculously escaped this remarkable accident with just cuts and bruises. The report translated from Russian tells us the 30-year-old driver died at the scene from his injuries, and his passenger is still being treated for life-threatening injuries at the Central Regional Hospital in Dyatkovo.

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