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The European financial crisis has claimed another victim, as Opel has stated that it is going to close its Bochum, Germany facility. The closure is set to occur in 2016, when the current Opel Zafira minivan ends its production run. According to Automotive News Europe, parent company General Motors is looking to minimize the impact to the 3,300-strong workforce by adapting the plant to focus on component and distribution efforts.


Barely altered from the concept that wowed crowds at the Geneva Motor Show is the 2012 Zafira Tourer revealed by Opel in Frankfurt.

Until now, if you wanted to drive a large natural gas-powered vehicle, one option was the Opel Zafira which could haul you and your beloved ones around, albeit with only 96 HP from the 1.6-liter engine. Well, since there seems to always be a market for more power, Opel has adapted this engine to a turbo version, something that boosts power to 150 HP, (more here). This puts the Zafira in the same leage as the VW Passat Variant TSI EcoFuel. The Zafira Turbo CNG could be on sale in 2009. Opel is c