Flying cars aren't on their way, flying cars are here. If we're going to see more of them in the air above us, we're also going to see more images like the one above, in which a Maverick flying car has crash landed in a tree. We wrote about the Maverick in 2010 and the reverse-prop-driven buggy with the removable parasail was certified airworthy by the FAA in June of that year. In this incident the pilot, Ray Siebring, said he was coming in for a landing at the airport in Vernon, British Columbia, Canada when his flying car suddenly made a sharp left turn into three descending spirals.

By the time Siebring stopped the spiraling he was so low that all he could do was mitigate the crash. Noticing an empty school field below, he managed to power up and get the vehicle down just beyond the school ground, through some fencing and into a tree. Neither Siebring nor his passenger was seriously injured.

If you want to see how the Maverick usually works, check out the video below of it making a coffee run.

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