i-tec Mavric flying buggy – Click above for high-res image gallery

In a lot of ways, we've been shortchanged on the transportation front. We were supposed to be jetting around in flying cars by the year 2000, but unfortunately, our vehicles remain firmly bolted the ground below them. At least for now. A company by the name of i-tec is out to build and sell an off-road vehicle capable of taking to the skies in a bid to bring missionaries to the far-flung reaches of the Amazon. Called the Mavric, the buggy weighs a heady 1,100 lbs, but manages to get off the ground thanks to a massive, carbon-fiber blade reverse-prop 128-horsepower engine and an ultra-light style airfoil.

The FAA has granted the Mavric experimental status, and the i-tec crew has been putting the buggy through its paces. While the company specifically wants to use its invention to buzz around in the rain forest, it also has an eye on selling its flying off-roader to companies that spend time inspecting expanses of pipe or fence in unruly terrain. We just want one to use to terrorize our neighborhood.

[Source: i-tec]

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