Based on the color scheme, the latest special edition of the Mia U electric van is well-suited for duty in Israel or Greece. Made in France, the Mia U mini-bus is getting a Blue Star update that has a groovy two-tone blue-and-white color motif. The U will also feature goodies such as a roof rack, power sockets and PVC floor protection. Options will include an 8-kWh battery that provides about a 50-mile single-charge range and a 12-kWh battery with a 75-mile range. The Blue Star Mia U will be limited to 100 units.

Mia started building its three lithium-ion-powered models in France in 2011. The U was notable for its seating arrangement, where the driver sits alone in front of the vehicles and two passengers can ride side-by-side behind the driver. Last month, the company said it would start selling Mia electric vehicles in the UK by the end of March, though didn't disclose pricing.

Fully Charged took a Mia for a drive in late 2011, and we got our own glimpse at the Michelin Challenge Bibendum after it was introduced in Geneva earlier that same year.

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