Robert Llewellyn loves himself some plug-in cars, and he proves this on every episode of Fully Charged. In the latest video, Llewellyn discusses solar energy, including how his residential solar panel installation powers his Nissan Leaf 1,000 miles for less than nine bucks. Llewellyn finishes the episode with a drive in the quirky electric Mia microbus.

As we learned at the 2011 Michelin Challenge Bibendum, the Mia is an unconventional electric van with a rather unusual interior layout. Llewellyn updates the story with information on how the Mia microbus will soon join Paris' Autolib battery-powered car-sharing scheme and includes info on how Mia will make its electric microbus available to the general public in 2012. There's even a bit of discussion on Mia's wildly optimistic production target of 1,000 of these electric microbuses a month.

So, with eight-plus minutes of quirky Fully Charged-up action awaiting you after the jump, we'll turn it over to Llewellyn, the plug-in enthusiast who seems able to explain all.

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