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An Audi R8 V10 provides the latest canvas for a China-specific special edition, and to make it easier to remember, it is called the Audi R8 China Edition. There will be only eight of them, and they'll be known by their colors: either two Malibu blue with Suzuka grey sideblades, or the inverse. The 19-inch, high-gloss black wheels with five twin spokes in a "Y" motif will also be a giveaway.

This is a color-and-ornament job, no tuning tweaks here. If you do get a chance to get inside, however, instead of black leather you'll find black shark skin with contrasting stitching, along with Alcantara, plenty of carbon fiber trim and Chinese characters on the shift knob identifying the production number. This is the first time an Audi production car has been embellished with the native language, and mindful of native manners, any number that includes "4" has been removed from the serial list.

We're fans of any R8, but our favorite thing about this one might be this line in the press release from Audi China: "It's not important if it's rare, the important thing is that... you own it." You'll find that line and more just below.
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We totally agree with winning through quantity, but it's a small quantity. We've spent more time creating the rare Audi R8 China Edition, and hope it glow in your hands. There are only 80 such cars. It's not important if it's rare, the important thing is that if you own it.With exclusive colors, LED headlight, ultra-light high strength carbon fiber, 19″ wheel hubs in 5 twin-spoke "Y" design and the spoiler in carbon matt, people will love it at the first sight and be eager to drive it.

Exclusive Colors
We have to admit that jealousy is a kind of deep admiration. The Audi R8 China Edition has two exclusive colors, Malibu blue body with Suzuka grey sideblades or Suzuka body with Malibu blue sideblades. The two different combinations form the unique style of the Audi R8 China Edition. The exclusive colors give out special radiance no matter in the daytime or at the night, showing the extraordinary features of the supercar.

Ultra-light and high strength carbon fiber is the top application of materials engineering in the aerospace field. With stiffness and low weight, it strengthens the safety, reduces oil consumption and achieves an efficient driving performance. However, few luxurious cars use carbon fiber in body and interior extensively due to limitation of manufacture process and price, except for this car.

The Audi R8 China Edition adopts 19″ high-gloss black wheel hubs in 5 twin-spoke "Y" design which integrates dynamics and aestheticism. The superb craft and design make the total look full of the unique technological feel of Audi.

The unique fixed spoiler in carbon matt makes this supercar fancier. The round tailpipes at both sides fully demonstrate the dynamic style. When the spoiler in carbon matt rips the airflow and everything flashes like a blue shadow, it's hard for you to tell which side you will stand by, admiration or jealousy.

Exclusive Interior
Ultimate luxury is one thing, and being incomparable is another. Indeed, the luxury here is excessive to most people. Shark skin and colored stitching, handbrake and steering wheel wrapped in Alcantara, instrument shield in carbon matt, aluminum gear knob engraved with an exclusive number...Sorry, we only can reveal so much. However, the work of masters can't be explained in one sentence.

The design of every detail that people can touch is customized to highlight the driver's nobleness. As the first Audi production car with Chinese characters in interior design, the characters"R8 专享"and the number are embedded on the aluminum gear lever knob, and become an iconic status symbol. To respect the cultural habit of Chinese customers, all numbers with 4 are removed from the serial numbers 1-99.

To most people, the luxury of the interior is excessive. Shark skin and colored stitching, handbrake and steering wheel wrapped in Alcantara, instrument shield in carbon matt, this work of masters leads to your luxurious enjoyment.

The R8 emblem has been deep into people's mind, and signals the engaging sportiness. It reveals the blood of nobleness and gene of a king of the R8 family. The interior with R8 emblems further displays the unruliness and dynamics, stimulating the driving desire. From the exquisite interior to the colors, it catches people's eyes as soon as they see it. The R8 emblems on the dashboard and aluminum door sill trims further give it a special identifier.

The cockpit of Audi R8 China Edition perfectly shows the inheritance of the motor sports gene. The sporty steering wheel in Alcantara fits in to the instrument cluster and the cockpit. The convenient shift paddle triggers the R tronic transmission instantly, full of limitless passion. The big and comfortable leather sporty seats can be adjusted electrically, and the waist support gives the body enough support. In addition, the seat heating function is also available, giving you a warm driving experience in winter. The cockpit sourced from a racing car forms an independent control platform.

Heart beating fast is one thing, and acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h within 3.9 secs is another. Please pay attention to the following seconds. A V10 FSI mid-engine in high speed will make you rediscover heartbeat. Undoubtedly, on the new generation quattro®permanent all-wheel drive, the hybrid of fuel, hot blood and hormone will roar with you along the way. This is not a cold driving machine. Its wild nature has been excited under your call.

Heart beating fast is one thing, and acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h within 3.9 secs is another thing. With a V10 5.2 FSI mid-engine, the R8 China Edition has a maximum power output of 386kW and peak torque of 530Nm. It only takes 3.9 secs to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h. With the passionate roar, you'll realize its power and heartbeat again.

The classical quattro® permanent all-wheel drive system is indispensable in such an ultimate supercar. As the best partner of the V10 FSI engine, the quattro® permanent all-wheel drive system brings you unparalleled dynamic driving experience and outstanding safety.

Every supercar fan loves to control speed. This doesn't mean seeking fast blindly. Experiencing the fun of controlling speed is enjoyment of a higher level. The R tronic is a manual transmission with automatic control. It has a special operating rod, and integrates the fuel efficiency of a traditional manual transmission and the handiness of an automatic transmission. This means that the driver can drive and control the speed freely. In addition, the perfect R8 China Edition can always keep low oil consumption when you experience high-speed driving.

When most of the production cars use conventional steel, we've adopted the lighter and firmer material to build the dream car, such as Audi Space Frame ASF®, CFRP and Al-Mg alloy body. This is a figure that leads the future, but now you master it as much as you like.

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