Wolfgang Dürheimer, Audi's head of research and development, has been dropping all kinds of savory hints about all kinds of impressive vehicles that Audi may or may not build. In that former camp, rumors on the next-generation Audi TT form the next volley fired from the blunderbuss of speculation, with intel from various sources pointing to a return to the wow factor of the original. Fourtitude, which focuses solely on the Ingolstadt brand, has put together a rendering of what the coming TT could look like.

The influences are a sharp interpretation of the new language that design head Wolfgang Egger recently discussed and that we've seen with the Crosslane Coupe, e-tron concept shown in Detroit almost three years ago and, of course, the stillborn quattro concept. Put that all together, adjust the lines to fit the MQB platform that the TT will ride on, and what you have in Forutitude's eyes is the rendering above. Naturally there's no way of knowing how close it is to the final product, but we're happy to gaze at it until we know more.

Beyond that there is much talk of light weight, Dürheimer apparently saying he'd not only like to see a more aggressive TT, but a supremely aggressive, 1,000-kilogram TT on top of that. Fourtitude likens such a model to the relationship of the Porsche 911 GT3 to the regular 911. Dürheimer spoke to Auto Express about the possibilities of such a car, all the way to rendering the MQB platform in carbon fiber, aluminum and steel, with a powerful five-cylinder engine for motivation, and Fourtitude has an in-depth look at a featherweight coupe called the TT evo plus. If it ever sees this mortal coil, it could be the closest we get to the quatto concept and the R4, all in one. Head over to Fourtitude to see more of their ideas on the Audi TT in rendered form.

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