Although the styling of the Audi TT hasn't changed dramatically over its two generations of existence, AutoCar thinks that the next version will be more like the original car rather than a further evolution of the sporty compact. According to the report, the next TT will "recapture some of the distinctiveness and impact" that the car exhibited when it debuted back in 1998. What does this mean exactly? Think small, light and fast.

In addition to keeping current design elements like the flared fenders, short overhangs and aerofoil-like roofline, AutoCar expects the new TT to use Audi design cues found on other recent models like the angular headlights and six-sided grille. All-wheel drive will continue to be available, as will the TT RS, and a wider track is rumored for better stability. The TT will still ride on a lightweight platform shared with the Volkswagen Golf (in this case the MkVII), and the report says that the new coupe will hit the scene in 2014 with the topless TT Roadster following about a year later.

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