Ford is unveiling three commercials this week that attempt to show how the new Fusion stands out from the crowd. The first one, called Disappearing, can be watched below.

"The competition is fierce in this segment, and it's important that we tried something different," said Amy Marentic, marketing manager for cars and crossovers for Ford. "We tried to use design and technology to stand out in a very crowded midsized market." Its commercials will also reflect something a little different, she said.

Prior to the new television campaign, Ford hired Chinese artist Liu Bolin, known as "The Invisible Man" for his ability to camouflage himself in plain sight in almost any situation. Bolin hand-painted cars parked along the side of a street, making the Fusion stand out as the only car visible in this series of clever print ads.

The second of three TV ads will show a Fusion driving off a cliff, demonstrating the one thing the new Fusion can't do. Chevrolet once tried showing a car flying through the air in an ad directed by Guy Ritchie that showed a young kid daydreaming that he was driving a Corvette that was airborne. It was pulled off the air after consumer groups complained.

"The overall message is, this car cannot do this," said Toby Barlow, advertising company Team Detroit's chief creative officer. "We hope common sense and reasonableness will take hold."

The third TV ad shows the new Fusion moving forward while other cars are going backwards. The ads will all air this week in prime time on the networks and during sporting events.

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