Hyundai, Broadcom to equip vehicles with built-in ethernet

Hyundai is the second manufacturer after BMW – having put its Flexray ethernet system into the X5 – to pledge to install Ethernet technology in its cars. This isn't a ploy to give you yet another place to work on those regional sales spreadsheets, it's about reducing vehicle complexity while making the cars and their systems more efficient. The Korean manufacturer will be doing so in conjunction with Broadcom, the U.S. firm having created the "one pair Ethernet" (OPEN) special interest group that now counts 81 members.

Various in-vehicle electronics use a variety of protocols, primary among them being control area network (CAN), local area network (LAN) and low voltage differential signaling (LVDS). Broadcom wants to integrate those incompatible and highly specialized systems into one Ethernet system – the same plug-and-play one your computer can use all over the world – and in doing so make Ethernet "the backbone of the car."

Developed with BMW and Hyundai, Broadcom's BroadR-Reach standard uses two unshielded cables instead of four, which allows for light and inexpensive wiring that can be fit through a bodyshell's tight spots. Achieving the kind of consolidation ultimately envisioned would bring numerous and wide-ranging advantages like lowering the cost and complexity of electronics, at the same time allowing for greater electronics capabilities inside the car like 360-degree car camera security systems, using the same IP standard familiar around the world, allowing for speeds from 100 Mbps to 1 GBbps for faster and better communication between systems, just for starters. Lighter wiring – and there's a lot of it in a car – also means lighter cars.

That futuristic world is still in the future, though. Automakers are naturally keen to develop Ethernet applications in phases, such as focusing just on infotainment, to make sure it can stand up to the rigors of an automobile's daily life. Hyundai hasn't said which of its products will be the first in line or when that vehicle reach showrooms, but has cited infotainment, lane departure warning, park assist and telematics as the features likely to benefit. Read more in the press release below.
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Broadcom and Hyundai Motor Power Next-Generation Connected Car
Joint Development Enables Advanced Infotainment and Safety Features in Hyundai Vehicles

- Advances wide-scale adoption of automotive Ethernet
- Extends infotainment and passenger safety features across price points
- Delivers 100Mbps connectivity for in-vehicle networks, with future scalability up to 1Gbps

DETROIT, Oct. 15, 2012 -- Broadcom Corporation (NASDAQ: BRCM), a global innovation leader in semiconductor solutions for wired and wireless communications, today announced a joint development agreement with Hyundai Motor to power the next-generation connected car. The collaboration will integrate infotainment, telematics and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) features such as surround view parking and lane departure warning into Hyundai vehicles. Together, the companies aim to deliver robust features and faster connectivity to a broader number of drivers. Visit to learn more.

Based on Broadcom's BroadR-Reach® Ethernet technology, the single high-bandwidth in-vehicle network will deliver cost-effective, lightweight 100Mbps connectivity to advance integration of safety applications in the vehicle. Broadcom will showcase the technology at SAE Convergence in Detroit, October 16-17.

As members of the AVnu Alliance and OPEN Alliance (One-Pair Ether-Net) Special Interest Group (SIG), Broadcom and Hyundai Motor have partnered since 2011 to drive wide-scale adoption of Ethernet-based automotive connectivity. Ethernet enables an open, scalable network for powering in-vehicle infotainment and ADAS, while supporting faster implementation of next-generation technologies and multiple networks, improving the ability to share data from a common source to the entire network.

BroadR-Reach Ethernet also supports the IEEE 802.1 Audio Video Bridging (AVB) standard, a key technology for achieving high quality audio and video transmission in automotive by providing guaranteed quality of service (QoS), frame synchronization and timing necessary to stream professional-quality audio and video traffic.

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Dr. Ali Abaye, Senior Director, Product Marketing, Infrastructure and Networking Group
"Demand for advanced safety features, together with the need for higher bandwidth and faster connectivity within and between in-car networks, continues to grow at a rapid pace. Broadcom's Ethernet solutions, pervasive throughout cloud-scale data center, carrier and enterprise networks, are now making their way into the vehicle, enabling a more scalable and open architecture. Our collaboration with Hyundai Motor will make features previously only available in luxury models accessible to a broader number of drivers, ultimately improving automotive safety for the masses."

Dominique Bonte, Vice President and Practice Director, ABI Research
"As in-car connectivity transforms the automotive industry and driving experience, empowering consumers with passive and active safety along with infotainment and connected lifestyle services at cost-effective price points will be critical to making the connected car a viable experience for all. Ethernet has emerged as a cost-effective standard for powering automotive connectivity and counters age-old issues of scalability and cost-prohibitive technologies that stand in the way of the connected car experience."

SunJai Lee, Infortainment Design Division Leader, Hyundai Motor
"Hyundai is confident about the viability of Ethernet in the car and looks forward to closely collaborating with Broadcom to develop an Ethernet network for Hyundai vehicles. The in-vehicle Ethernet network will enable key features including infotainment, lane departure warning, park assist and telematics to deliver greater value to our customers. We chose to partner with Broadcom as they deliver superior Ethernet-based innovation to enrich the driver and passenger experience."

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