Dacia Duster limousine an ambitious student project [w/video]

The Dacia Duster catches a lot of ire from the the Top Gear boys, but the work of 23 students could (but probably won't) put an end to that. The students are part of Dacia's Engineering Projects Auto Program, and have gone about creating a stretched Dacia Duster.

The team started by cutting the Romanian crossover and adding 59 inches of sheet metal. The result is an Eastern European ute that stretches over 19 feet long!

The Duster is painted in a matte black finish, and the exterior design is capped off with some sort of aluminum side thingy. In the midst of all this customization, the stock wheels were sensibly kept intact.

The cabin has been fitted a television, four captains chairs and an Android tablet. Other interior touches include expansive sunroofs, track lighting and generous heaps of leather.

Check out the fruits of the students' labor in the gallery and check out the video of the stretch-Duster below.

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