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Dacia Duster limousine an ambitious student project [w/video]

The Dacia Duster catches a lot of ire from the the Top Gear boys, but the work of 23 students could (but probably won't) put an end to that. The students are part of Dacia's Engineering Projects Auto Program, and have gone about creating a stretched Dacia Duster.

Jay Leno has a very tender moment with a decidedly tough 1975 Plymouth Duster

Long before Jay Leno became an international celebrity, he was spinning wrenches at a local car dealership. While there, he crossed paths with Paul Annunziata, a brilliant mechanic with a penchant for Mopar muscle. While Leno was busy doing stand-up comedy and working his way toward network television, Annunziata was doing something really interesting: building a street-legal pro-stock d

Video: Banned Dacia Duster advert is funny, strange

Banned Dacia Duster ad – Click above to watch video after the jump

WSJ: Renault pondering return to North America

Dacia Duster - Click above for high-res image gallery