Chrysler and Warner Brothers have partnered up on a new ad for the 300S and The Dark Knight Rises. The spot shows a special concept version of the big sedan being stitched together in Bruce Wayne's underground lab to music borrowed from the film.

Details are scarce on the custom "Dark Knight Rises" edition Chrysler 300S, though the changes look to be mostly aesthetic. A new matte black paint scheme, special wheels and, most importantly, a jet engine thruster are all part of the dressings. At the end of the ad, "Imported from Gotham City" replaces the "Imported from Detroit" tag line.

The Dark Knight Rises is set to be released on July 20, though the Chrysler ad will debut tonight on ABC. Fiat and Chrysler marketing chief Olivier Francois published a post on Chrysler's official blog introducing the commercial, and you can read it here.

For some reason, we doubt Batman would ever find himself behind the wheel of a 300S – the latest trailer for The Dark Knight Rises features Catwoman behind the wheel of Wayne's Lamborghini Aventador. Take a look at both the trailer and the ad for yourself below.

Chrysler 300 Information

Chrysler 300

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