This is the Toyota Camette. Sure, it looks a little like the coolest microcar from 1962 that you never saw, but it's really a brand new "toy" Toyota that will be unveiled at the Tokyo Toy Show tomorrow.

Purely a concept experiment, the Camette comes in two versions, the Sora you see above and the Daichi, a more truck-like vehicle in tan (see gallery). What both have in common is that they are pedal-powered electric* and feature removable parts (like the lights, seats, tires and body panels) to change the look of the car in a hurry. Toyota says the Camette is designed to "introduce children to the fun of driving, customising and owning a car." Sure, that comes naturally to some young people, but others find the whole prospect not worth the hassle.

The Camette is small – 2.7 meters long by 1.2 meters tall (8.8 x 3.9 feet) – but three people fit inside. Well, they do if the driver and one passenger are small children, leaving the back seat open for the parent to help with steering and braking, when required. Driving isn't child's play, after all.

You can see a time-lapse video build of the Camette Daichi concept below.

*UPDATE: Looks like the Camette is not pedal powered. The powertrain here remains unclear. We regret the error.

*LATER UPDATE: The powertrain is electric, says the Christian Science Monitor.

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