Need some lighthearted proof that Millennials – or whatever we're calling college-age students these days – can get excited about not driving cars? Check out The Michigan Transportation Musical.

The reason the twelve-and-a-half-minute video got made is to let new students at the University of Michigan know about the various transportation options on and off campus in Ann Arbor if they don't have a car, focusing mostly on the biodiesel-hybrid bus system and the late-night Safe Ride. It leaves out biking and Zipcar (which is available in Ann Arbor), but it's still a good introduction for new students (which is exactly the people who will watch it when they get to campus for orientation this summer). The video was filmed and produced last month by UM students.

There's dancing and song parodies and decent jokes as we learn about the various transportation alternatives from Billy Magic, who is explaining things to The Kid (who has puppet parents, so expect some surreal moments). We have to echo a key question The Kid asks Billy, though: "If you can teleport, why are we taking buses?"

Watch it below.

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