I believe that children are the future, teach them well and let them lead the way.

Perhaps Whitney Houston knew about Thomas Hundal, the youngest Chevrolet Volt enthusiast we've seen this week. Maybe ever.

In a video posted by Barry Cullen Chevrolet, 13-year-old Hundal walks us around the plug-in hybrid, explaining why this or that part is so cool. The audio is, at times, whisper-quiet, but Hundal's sales technique makes up for it. He's particularly enamored by the "absolutely-ludicrous-for-the-segment 273 pound-feet of torque from the electric motor," which is an attitude we like to see from someone who can't even drive. Green Car Reports even says that Hundal is training salespeople at Barry Cullen on the details of Chevy products. Apparently, his desire to share Chevy minutiae with others is something the sixth-grader cultivated on his own. Curious to see him in action? Check out the Volt video and one for the Cullen Cruze for yourself below.

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Chevrolet Volt

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