Impracticality comes in many shapes and sizes, and that's as true in automotive terms as it is anywhere else. Consider this: Depending on a series of lifestyle choices, a Honda Civic could prove just as useless for one man as a Ford F450 Super Duty would for another.

If there's one segment of the auto market where being practical means absolutely nothing, though, it's supercars. When the goal is blitzing a race track, laying down a thick coating of rubber or attracting members of the opposite sex, the number of grocery bags that can fit in the trunk is completely beside the point.

The boys from Hot Rod decided to put impracticality to the ultimate test by pitting a vintage 1930 Ford Model A rat rod against a 2012 Lamborghini Aventador in a series of tests over a period of 24 hours. So... was one less practical than the other? Scroll down below to see for yourself, and feel free to discuss the results in the Comments.

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