The good old boys at Motor Trend got their hands on not only a 2013 Ford Shelby GT500, but a Ford Police Interceptor and a Dodge Charger Police Pursuit, as well. Like any good, upstanding group of hooligans, the crew set to playing cops and robbers in the shadow of Detroit's vacant factories. With the big 662-horsepower, supercharged V8 Mustang left with no long spans of asphalt to stretch its legs, the two pursuit vehicles have a clear advantage. Watching the three go at each other is a decent way to blow five minutes of your work day.

Of course, this reminds me of a pearl of wisdom served up by my grandfather on the subject of evading the long arm of the law. He always said, "You can out run one, you might even out run two, but you'll never outrun that radio." Amen.

Check it out for yourself.

Ford Shelby GT500 Information

Ford Shelby GT500

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