Always looking for ways to one-up its Japanese competitors, Hyundai has announced that a brake override system will be standard equipment on its full line of vehicles, starting this month.
Truth be told, every 2012 Hyundai model save for the Elantra Touring already had a brake override system fitted. So why the announcement, and why now? Well, other than just tweaking Toyota, whose unintended acceleration problems led to widespread recalls, a Congressional investigation, and prompted the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to propose requiring brake override systems on all new cars, the announcement likely has more to do with the end of Elantra Touring production than it does with anything else.

The old Hyundai i30, on which the Elantra Touring was based, has been redesigned, and reviews of the new model have already started showing up on foreign automotive websites. We won't get our version of the i30, dubbed Elantra GT here in the U.S., until later in the summer.

We'll be driving the GT in June and we promise to issue a full report, though we're going to try to avoid testing this new technology.
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Hyundai Bolsters Its Safety Leadership Record with all Models Providing Brake Pedal Throttle Override Capability

COSTA MESA, May 2, 2012 – Hyundai continues its practice of providing critical safety technologies to its customers well before government mandates come into effect with all models now offering brake pedal electronic throttle override capability.

The government mandate for brake pedal throttle override capability, a component of FMVSS 124 (Accelerator Control Systems), has been under consideration by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). However, its final approval and subsequent timing have yet to be determined. Hyundai development teams have been less concerned about final government mandate timing, focusing instead on the immediate safety and assurance of their customers.

Beginning with May 2012 production, fully 100 percent of all U.S. Hyundai models now provide the assuring safeguard of brake pedal throttle override capability. This advanced safety feature implementation by Hyundai remains many months and possibly years before the final government mandate, if approved.

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