Seeing electric vehicles prance around in the snow is becoming a common occurrence, whether done by journalists, speed demons or EV fans. But we never mind seeing more, especially when it's the Tesla Model S.
Tesla engineers took the Model S to the Automotive Enviro Testing center in Baudette, MN this winter when the temperature dropped to between -10 and -15 degrees Fahrenheit. For a few days, they made sure the Model S could weave between some colorful cones on frozen ground. Tesla says the Model S went through 19 different courses and has provided us with a video of some of these runs, and it looks like fun. It was effective as well, as Tesla says, "After days of rigorous testing, we left more confident than ever that Model S will set the standard for premium performance – no matter what's in the forecast." We're curious to know about the car's real-world cold-weather performance – including things like how using the heater affects range – but for now we'll just watch.

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Tesla Model S

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