You'd expect someone with a nickname like "hotshoe" or "leadfoot" to be behind the wheel of a Ferrari. "Slowhand" less so, but that's the nickname of one Eric Clapton, who in addition to being one of the most highly acclaimed rock and blues guitarists of all time also happens to be a huge nut for the Prancing Horse marque. In fact, Clapton is understood to have swung by Maranello a couple of years back, where he presumably got the reddest of red carpet treatments while placing an order for a custom Ferrari.

That unique one-off, called the SP12 EPC has been dropping on and off of our radar, with some grainy snapshots a couple of weeks ago and some hasty video footage of the custom creation leaving a dealership in the UK a few days thereafter. But if those didn't provide clear enough a picture for you, a batch of alleged patent renderings have now surfaced showing every line of the car's bespoke shape. Check it out in the gallery for a closer look.

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