Taking its cue from Internet consumption-centric "unboxing" and "teardown" videos, Volvo would like to introduce you to its new V60 plug-in hybrid.

In two new videos, Volvo seems to think people want to see what it would be like if PHEVs came packaged like new iPads. First, we get to carefully open the origami layers of the box to reveal the new iDevice car and then peel back the clear stickers that kept your new phone car scratch free until you picked it up. So much sexier than a vehicle transporter truck.

In the second video, Volvo's lab crew dismantles the car, showing off the seats while a voice says this is Volvo's "most human-centric car ever." We then get to see the through-the-road powertain, with the five-cylinder, 2.4-liter turbodiesel engine up front and the electric motor in back that, together, offer up to 280 horsepower. More specs here and you can see both videos after the jump.

We already know the V60 PHEV crashes well, so what's next? Do we find out if it blends?

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