Volvo vehicles keep occupants safe. That's the message the Swedish automaker has pitched for decades now and that sentiment hasn't changed a bit with the introduction of Volvo's electrified vehicles.

First, Volvo showed us that its electric-only C30 DRIVe fared exceptionally well in crash tests and now the Swedish automaker is putting its V60 Plug-in Hybrid through the same set of tests, including the destructive 70-percent overlap rear impact.

In this test, the V60 Plug-in is struck in the rear by a sled moving at 55 miles per hour. As intended, Volvo's wagon immediately deforms upon impact, but its rear-mounted battery pack remains intact. Sensors fitted to the V60 plug-in immediately cut electrical power if the impact is severe, while a system fitted to the battery vents gas if the pack is breached.

Hit the jump to watch video of the destruction and keep a close eye on the V60's battery (highlighted in green) as it survives the carnage virtually untouched. It's okay to cringe a little at the destruction.

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