Maserati plans on moving its ferocious exhaust note into other market segments, which we know so far include an SUV perhaps called the Cinqueporte (nee Kubang) and a sport sedan to slot under the larger, next-generation Quattroporte. Internally it is said that the new sport sedan is called "Maseratina," but an Italian publication has discovered a recent Maserati trademark for the name "Levante."

The Levante, if that is its name, is aimed at the thick end of the mid-level executive sedan market, meaning the BMW 5 Series and Mercedes E-Class, and could be equipped with a diesel engine. By the way, Levante has a few meanings, the one probably meant here is "rising," as in what the sun does. But it's also British slang for "leave secretly or hurriedly to avoid paying debts," which is a humorous coincidence in light of recent events in Italy.

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