Translogic gets inside look at Rinspeed's concept shop

Another week brings another action-packed episode of Translogic. Our sister site continues its tour of Europe with a trip to Switzerland's Rinspeed. If there's a car builder that more resembles a toy company for adults, we can't imagine it.

Host Bradley Hasemeyer got a full demonstration of several remarkable vehicles during his visit. The sQuba submarine car is straight out of James Bond, though it's based on a more modern Lotus than the famous Esprit from The Spy Who Loved Me. The similarly amphibious Splash can operate as either a car, boat or hovercraft. The X-Trem is an oddly styled pickup that can load and unload – you guessed it – a hovercraft from its truck bed. Similarly, the Tatooo carries an underwater scooter.

But Rinspeed isn't just about wet and wild concept cars. The company has been pioneering alternative fuel vehicles, like the R One, a biofuel-powered roadster. It's also built the Presto, a frankly remarkable car in that it can transform from a compact two-seat roadster to a full four-place vehicle with the press of a button. The UC is a small electric car built out of a Fiat 500, controlled by a joystick and designed to be carried on a commuter train for urban use.

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