Hertz urges government to oversee rental car recalls

In the rental car industry, if a vehicle is on the lot it isn't making any money. The same is true for any vehicle in the shop for repairs, including vehicles that are recalled by automakers. That has created a bit of a conundrum for rental car companies, and the drive for profits can lead to vehicles getting rented that should be getting repaired.

The Detroit Bureau reports that Hertz is trying to change that. In fact, Hertz has taken the drastic step of asking the government to enact new regulations to place a priority on getting recalled vehicles repaired as soon as possible. Hertz has had to take this step because the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration currently has no authority over the industry. NHTSA has been watching the rental car companies from afar since a 2010 accident that occurred as a result of a vehicle defect that didn't get repaired because of rental demand.

The Hertz pitch may just work, as a pair of high-ranking legislatures will reportedly introduce legislation to regulate the rental car industry. It makes sense that Hertz is looking to level the playing field, since the rental company already has a policy in place that stipulates that recalled vehicles must be fixed before being rented out.

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