Fox News hates on GM for forcing employees into Chevy Volt. Wait, what's that?

We'll give the intrepid personalities over at Fox News a bit of credit for catching themselves mid-mistake, but just take a look at this: While discussing news that GE (note that last letter, please) is buying a fleet of Chevrolet Volt hatchbacks, one of our Foxy friends (Juliet Huddy) said, "All GM employees who get a company car, well, they really don't get a choice. They're going to get a $40,000 electric car." Yes, for a few seconds, the atmosphere was awful: Just look at this pathetic car company that is forcing its own employees to buy its cars. Except, of course, that's exactly wrong. Thankfully, the hosts catch themselves, even though they then continue to bash the Volt. Also, it wasn't just a mess-up by Huddy, since the on-screen chyron clearly says "GM workers forced into Volts."

Of course, this whole GE/GM thing isn't exactly news. GE announced back in November 2010 that it would buy up to 12,000 Volts as part of an order of 25,000 plug-in vehicles. GE has done a lot to promote plug-in vehicles, including working with GM on projects in China and running an "Electric Vehicle Experience Tour" here in the U.S. last year. Check out the video for yourself after the jump.

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