GE to host seven-city Electric Vehicle Experience Tour

General Electric, the corporation that, back in November of 2010, committed to purchasing 25,000 plug-in vehicles, including 12,000 Chevy Volts by 2015, will host a seven-city Electric Vehicle Experience Tour aimed at educating the public on plug-in vehicle technology and deployment. GE has teamed up with automakers General Motors, Ford, Toyota, Navistar, Smith Electric Vehicles, Mitsubishi, Coda, Smart, Think and other organizations involved with plug-in vehicles.

Each day-long tour stop will include presentations by GE, workshops outlining electric vehicle deployment and integration strategies and test drives. Scheduled tour dates include:
  • San Francisco, CA: March 10
  • Seattle, WA: March 15
  • Los Angeles, CA: March 17
  • San Diego, CA: March 22
GE is expected to announce additional Spring 2011 tour dates for the cities of Austin, TX, New York, NY and Washington, DC.

[Source: General Electric]
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GE Announces National Electric Vehicle Experience Tour to Engage Key Stakeholders on EV Deployment Strategies

PLAINVILLE, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--GE (NYSE: GE) announced today it will host an electric vehicle experience tour in seven U.S. cities that will bring GE experts together with local businesses, industry leaders, and public sector stakeholders for educational workshops, test drives, and dialogue on the business case for EV ecosystems.

"Our EV Experience Tour is an important way for us to engage communities across the United States in the discussion about the economic and environmental advantages of EV deployment."

GE has already committed to purchase 25,000 EVs by 2015 for its own fleet and for fleet customers. It owns one of the world's largest vehicle fleets, operates a leading global fleet management business, and offers a portfolio of product solutions including charging stations, circuit protection equipment and transformers that touch every part of electric vehicle infrastructure development. The company is hosting the EV Experience Tour to help other businesses and key stakeholders understand technical and business approaches for deploying pure electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.

Each day-long stop in cities along the tour will include presentations by GE and community leaders, workshops to help stakeholders with EV planning, deployment, and integration strategies, and test drives.

Scheduled Tour dates are:

* San Francisco, March 10
* Seattle, March 15
* Los Angeles, March 17
* San Diego, March 22

Additional EV Experience Tour dates will be announced in Austin, New York City, and Washington, D.C. for Spring 2011.

"GE is playing a leadership role in the transformation to smarter transportation solutions and a smarter electrical grid," said Luis Ramirez, CEO, GE Energy Industrial Solutions. "Our EV Experience Tour is an important way for us to engage communities across the United States in the discussion about the economic and environmental advantages of EV deployment."

GE is working with GM, Ford, Toyota, Navistar, Smith Electric Vehicles, Mitsubishi, Coda, Smart, THINK and other organizations on the tour.

"We're committed to helping our customers learn what electric vehicles can do for their organizations," said Clarence Nunn, President and CEO of GE Capital Fleet Services. "Each of our tour stops will give participants first-hand exposure to the technical and business considerations for EV deployment and put them on a path toward adoption."

GE's EV Experience Tour and electric vehicle program are part of its ecomagination business strategy to accelerate the development and deployment of clean energy technology though innovation and R&D investment. In support of the tour, an electric vehicle readiness toolkit is available on to help municipalities, customers, and individuals prepare for wide-scale electric vehicle deployment.

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