How Kia built its show-stopping Track'ster concept

We'll admit it: We're totally smitten with the Kia Track'ster Concept that debuted at last week's Chicago Auto Show. And it's not just because we like the idea of a 250-horsepower, all-wheel-drive hot hatch from Korea, it's because this concept shows bits and pieces of what the next-generation Soul could look like, including a possible three-door configuration. Kia, however, has no immediate plans to send the Track'ster into production. In fact, specific elements like the turbocharged engine don't even exist – this is purely a design study, albeit a hot one.

The process of building the Track'ster started a little over nine months ago, and the folks at Motor Trend were able to watch the entire creation process. Ideas and sketches turned into clay models which were later photographed, detailed, and sent over to a company that specializes in building concept cars. As a special treat, we even get to meet the Kia Soul donor vehicle that gave its life for the birth of this concept car.

Follow the jump to watch the short documentary detailing the birth of the hot little Track'ster.

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