Ontario seizes pair of taxi cabs for street racing

Two taxi drivers in Toronto recently found themselves on the wrong side of the law after officers stopped the duo for illegal "stunt driving." The drivers had their Chevrolet Impala taxis impounded and their licenses revoked for seven days after officers busted the two street racing early on the evening of January 25. The Toronto police haven't released any details about what spurred the two to show down on Younge Street, Canada's longest, or the drivers' ages. In addition, their employers are keeping their mouths shut about whether or not the duo will continue to have jobs after their mandatory license suspension lifts in a week.

According to our neighbors to the north, Younge Street once had a bustling street racing scene. Regardless of whether these two were settling an old score or just horsing around, running light to light near the crowded Dundas Square area is a recipe for disaster. Hit the jump to check out a video of the news report for yourself.

Chevrolet Impala Information

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