Everyone's got their favorite superheroes, and their reasons for liking them. Ours drive cool cars. Comic-book-turned-big-screen do-gooders like Batman (and his mild-mannered alter-ego Bruce Wayne) and Iron Man (Tony Stark). That's just one of the reasons we're stoked for The Driver.

The animated series-in-the-making centers around a mysterious vigilante who chases down criminally reckless drivers on the streets of Los Angeles, and a shutterbug sidekick who follows him around as he puts the baddies to shame in Gorillaz-style animation. It's shaping up to be as car-obsessed as the best of us, and after launching the first trailer back in April of 2010, the creators have now (the better part of two years later) released some additional footage. Follow the jump to see Nissan's 370Z square off against its own GT-R.

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