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There's a reason we still stand behind the OG Speed Racer. Yes, the animation was about a half-shade above what we could crank out flip-book style, and yes, to call the plot repetitive would be gracious at best. But the series also featured what we loved most as young auto-obsessed creatures – insane cars doing insane things fender to fender every Saturday morning. That series likely drove some of us to bust our own knuckles and put our first cars through the kind of hell that can only be attributed to a proper learning curve.

Now it looks like a new animated series has come along to whet our appetite for well-drawn cars, and judging from the trailer, it should make Speed Racer look like the half-effort it was. It's called The Driver, and so far, we know next to nothing about it other than the creators are beyond obsessed. Everything from the metering on a DSLR camera to car interiors, physics and damage all drip with the kind of detail we aren't used to seeing from the cartoon world. It's delicious. The best part? It looks like our hero drives a Nissan GT-R.

Don't be fooled into thinking this is a 'toon you can sit down and enjoy with your young ones, though. From tobacco use to blatant street racing, it's clear this one is more likely to show up on Adult Swim than Nick Jr., and that's just fine by us. The Driver site says it should launch by summer of this year, so we don't have too long to wait to find out more. Until then, hop the jump to check out the trailer.

[Source: The Driver via YouTube]

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