MOG comes to Aha Radio. Aha Radio comes to Honda, Subaru. Here's why it matters.

Pandora may be becoming a standard on every major OEM infotainment system, but all-you-can-eat subscription music services haven't gained the same momentum or widespread adoption. MOG is aiming to change that with automotive partnerships with BMW and Mini, but its just-announced tie-up with Aha Radio extends MOG's reach even further, and it has wider implications – not just for the on-demand music service, but for Aha Radio as a whole.

The partnership with Aha Radio (now owned by Harman) is just the first of several MOG will be announcing in 2012. Aftermarket companies like JVC are also implementing the music service into their head units, but what's more important is the usage of Aha Radio as the method of delivery.

Rather than going to an automaker, getting approval to use its application programming interface and then developing an app that only works with one infotainment system, MOG is integrating its service into Aha Radio, which delivers a range of content – from restaurant information to Facebook feeds – into a single app that's ported and controlled through your in-dash touchscreen.

So Aha Radio is the platform – a one-stop conduit for content – and MOG, NPR, CNN, Twitter, Facebook and others deliver the substance.

Both Honda and Subaru have announced partnerships with Aha Radio and plan to integrate the service into their factory head units beginning this spring. But you don't need to buy a 2013 Subaru BRZ (pictured above) to get in on the action. Kenwood will join Pioneer to begin offering Aha Radio on its head units later this year. and even better, Aha Radio runs and integrates with both iOS and Android devices, so there should be no need to worry about connectivity issues. Hit the jump for the all the details.
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MOG Introduces More Ways to Enjoy Unlimited Music On-Demand In the Car

New Partnerships with Aha and JVC Provide
Widespread Automotive Distribution and Access to MOG

BERKELEY, Calif., January 10, 2012 – MOG, the Web's best on-demand music listening service, today announced partnerships with AhaTM, the first interactive platform that makes web content safe for drivers, and JVC, the leading developer and manufacturer of sophisticated mobile, audio, and video products. As part of its API program for consumer electronic (CE) and automotive manufacturers (http://fusion.mog.com/), MOG is working with these companies to build access to MOG into their platforms and products, enabling auto manufacturers to easily offer the ultimate in-car listening experience to music fans.
These partnerships are part of MOG's overall strategy to connect the MOG service to external platforms and aftermarket solutions for mass consumption, giving consumers access to MOG everywhere they want to listen to music. MOG is working closely with a wide variety of CE and automotive partners, allowing them to tap into MOG's vast catalog of music, unmatched discovery capabilities, and high-quality audio playback.

"Americans listen to music in the car more than anywhere else, so it's critical for us to enable MOG in automobiles as quickly as technically feasible," said Drew Denbo, SVP of Business Development at MOG. "We're continuing to strongly establish MOG as the on-demand music subscription leader in the automotive space by dedicating significant resources to the category and innovating with new partners including Aha by HARMAN and JVC as well as previously announced partners such as BMW, MINI, Airbiquity, Tweddle, Visteon, and others yet to be announced."

Working with software platforms, such as Aha, provides an efficient way to expand MOG's footprint in the automotive space, as major automotive OEM's and aftermarket providers are integrating their car audio systems with Aha's cloud-based platform. The technical collaboration with Aha will allow customers to connect their phone to the car's audio system and access MOG's vast catalog of unlimited, on-demand music from the in-dash display. Drivers will now be able to experience on-demand music in the car in the same way they access AM, FM and satellite radio.

MOG is also working with select automotive aftermarket CE companies including JVC to integrate their SDK's into the MOG app, making MOG available on aftermarket head units.

JVC is introducing four new AV Multimedia products that include a new App Link Mode feature which supports functionality from iPhone® apps including MOG where basic functions can be controlled from the receiver's screen without having to touch the iPhone®. The new JVC products with MOG functionality are available on new 2012 models.

JVC will be showcasing its implementation of MOG on its new AV Multimedia products at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, NV on January 10-13, 2012 in the North Hall, booth number 1810.

MOG continues to work with select partners interested in tapping in to MOG Fusion to integrate MOG access into future products and platforms. For more information about MOG Fusion, please visit http://fusion.mog.com/.

About MOG Inc.
MOG Inc. is a next-generation music media company founded in June 2005 by David Hyman, former CEO for Gracenote. MOG's all-you-can-eat, on-demand listening service provides access to a vast library of over 14 million songs through its mobile apps on iPhone and Android phones, online, on streaming entertainment and consumer electronic devices and in the car.

MOG Inc. is also the provider of The MOG Music Network (MMN), the premier destination for music content online and largest music focused advertising network consisting of over 1500 music sites, reaching over 59 million people each month.

Headquartered in Berkeley, California, MOG Inc. investors include Menlo Ventures, Balderton Capital, Simon Equity Partners, Universal Music Group, Sony Music and serial entrepreneur, Scott Jones. Grammy-winning record producer, Rick Rubin, named by Time Magazine as one of the "100 Most Influential People in the world," is a member of MOG's Board of Directors.


Aha Advances Driver Connectivity With Web-Connected "Fourth Band" of Radio

Honda, Subaru and Kenwood join Pioneer in integrating with Aha's Cloud-based Infotainment Platform that Now Includes Tens of Thousands of Stations of Web Content

Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Las Vegas, NV – January 10, 2012 – AhaTM by HARMAN, an interactive platform that makes web content safe for drivers today announced new automotive and content partnerships that will bring web-connected infotainment safely to millions of drivers, right through the radio. Honda and Subaru are currently working with Aha to integrate with the Aha platform starting with model year 2013 vehicles. Kenwood has also announced that it will begin shipping Aha-integrated aftermarket head units this Spring. Honda, Subaru and Kenwood customers will be able to access all of Aha's stations right from the car's infotainment system. Aha also announced partnerships with top content providers to expand Aha's platform to tens of thousands of personalized, web-enabled stations that cover everything from music, news and social streams to travel and audiobooks.

"Drivers want easy access to their web content in the car, publishers want to get their music, news and information to drivers, and car companies want to give drivers a safe and up-to-date experience. Until Aha, it was very hard to do any of these, much less all three," said Robert Acker, HARMAN VP and General Manager of Aha. "By partnering with companies like Honda, Subaru, Kenwood, CBS, Rhapsody, and NPR in addition to our existing partners like Pioneer and Slacker, Aha has become the web-connected "fourth band" of the car radio, alongside AM, FM and satellite radio. Aha's platform uniquely enables drivers to safely and easily access great audio content from around the web, and transforms non-audio web content into radio stations. This is just the beginning of the automotive and content deals we'll announce this year."

Aha announced partnerships with Honda and Subaru that will seamlessly bring Aha into Honda and Subaru vehicles to let drivers interact with web-based content right through the radio. Honda and Subaru are among the first automotive manufacturers to integrate Aha's service into their vehicles.

Kenwood will also integrate Aha in its next generation of aftermarket head units for the car. It joins Pioneer which began integrating Aha into aftermarket units in 2011 and is expanding Aha to additional aftermarket units in 2012. A number of other car manufacturers are integrating Aha but have yet to make announcements.

Aha and CBS Radio jointly announced today a partnership that will bring CBS's stations to drivers and other users of the Aha Radio platform. This partnership allows Aha Radio to distribute CBS Radio content via mobile devices and directly into vehicles. CBS Radio will join a wide breadth of content already available on Aha including Slacker, Facebook, and Twitter. Aha has also recently signed content deals with NPR, Entertainment Radio Network, MOG, Rhapsody, and AOL SHOUTcast Radio, which will become available this year. In total these new partnerships expand Aha's offerings from hundreds of stations to tens of thousands of personalized stations.

In addition to the content and car deals, Aha has also announced that it will launch a new Android app and update its iPhone app in the first quarter of 2012.

Aha is a part of HARMAN International (NYSE: HAR) the premium global audio and infotainment group.



- Future Subaru vehicles will have optional web-enabled infotainment systems integrated with Aha -

Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Las Vegas, NV – January 10, 2012 – Subaru of America, Inc. and Aha by HARMAN, the first interactive platform that makes web content safe for drivers, have announced a partnership that will use the Aha platform to seamlessly bring Web-based content into Subaru vehicles, letting drivers interact with Web-based content right through their radios. Subaru is one of the first automotive manufacturers to integrate Aha's service into its vehicles.

Aha is powering the Web-connected "fourth band" of radio, alongside AM, FM, and satellite radio. Offered on future models, Subaru owners will have instant access to tens of thousands of stations of Web-based content such as: on-demand music from MOG® and Rhapsody®; Internet radio from SHOUTcast Radio, CBS RADIO™, and Slacker®; live news; the latest information, news and entertainment podcasts from NPR® and others; free audio books; personalized traffic reports; Facebook® and Twitter® newsfeeds; personalized restaurant recommendations from Yelp®; and much more. Aha will be easily accessed through the Subaru's optional in-car radio/infotainment system. Aha's app for iPhone® integrates with the vehicle, allowing Subaru owners to enjoy Aha while driving. In early 2012, Aha will launch an Android app, which will also integrate with future Subaru vehicles. Users will be able to customize their Aha stations from their iPhone, Android device, or the Web.

"Smartphone activity is at an all-time high and the consumer is looking for a safe interface to interact with the content in their vehicle. Subaru has been evaluating connected car solutions for some time, and Aha is the first product that meets our criteria for safety, great design, and broad content options that can be personalized for each driver," said David Sullivan, Car Line Manager, Subaru of America, Inc. "Without having to touch their smartphone, Subaru drivers will safely be able to access content like traffic, nearby restaurant information, music, and a growing wealth of web-based information now available through their Subaru optional infotainment system integrated with Aha."

"Buyers of new Subaru cars will be able to enjoy their favorite Internet content on-demand just as safely as selecting a radio station thanks to Aha," said Robert Acker, HARMAN VP and General Manager of Aha. "We have built a cloud-based platform that will be continuously updated in the future, so as the Web changes and new services emerge, Subaru drivers will always have access to the most up-to-date content through Aha. With an Aha-enabled radio at their fingertips, Subaru drivers will be among the most well-connected drivers on the road."

At the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show, booth # CP32 located in the CES central plaza, Aha and Subaru will demonstrate a concept implementation of the integration in a production 2013 Subaru BRZ. Media who would like to schedule a live demo can email press@aharadio.com to book an appointment.

Aha is currently available in aftermarket head units and as a free app for iPhone. Aha will soon update its iPhone app to include even more stations and content, and will also launch its app for Android™ smartphones. Aha is currently working with additional automotive and consumer electronics manufacturers on multiple integrations that will launch throughout the year.

Aha is a part of HARMAN International (NYSE: HAR) the premium global audio and infotainment group.

Follow the Subaru of America Facebook page and subaru_usa on Twitter.

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