VW Cross Coupé concept presages 2014 Evoque rival [w/video]

Turns out the Volkswagen Cross Coupé concept shown off at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show may be a smoke signal for an impending new product. And apparently the reaction was positive enough to the integrated grille and sloping hindquarters that the picaresque four-door crossover could inspire a production version within three years.

VW execs believe CUVs will continue to grow in popularity, and that as they do, customers will want perhaps more car-ish variety in their styling, with more muscle and sportiness. According to Autocar, this vehicle wouldn't come alone, either, with "several variants" being pledged if this one does see the light.

The concept itself was done with that in mind, seeing as it sits on the transverse matrix architecture that will support the next Golf and Audi A3. When we saw the concept in person, we couldn't help but notice the production touches like partsbin window switches and seat rails, so we had a strong feeling that we were looking at a thinly disguised new model (though the hybrid powertrain will likely be a thing of the distant future).

Check out a video of the Cross Coupé on the stage in Tokyo after the break.

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