Ram mulling passenger version of promised Fiat Doblo van for U.S.

We know that the Fiat Doblo is coming to the Ram brand as a cargo van, but what about a passenger-hauling variant? Automotive News reports that the Ram team is debating just such a move.

The Doblo panel van will compete with the Ford Transit Connect when it hits U.S. streets in early 2013. Ford decided to offer a passenger van version after its small hauler gained a foothold in the States. Ram President Fred Diaz can see that happening to the new Fiat-based van, adding that "it could have passenger car applications." To do that, Chrysler would only need to add a second row of seats and some windows for scenery, items that are already available in other markets.

Fiat is investing $160 million to upgrade its joint venture plant in Turkey so that the Ram version of the Doblo can pass U.S. regulations.

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